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Take advantage of our introductory offer and save 20% on your first appointment.
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Пригласи друга в VOG и получи 500 рублей на лицевой счет
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500 rub off for manicure
1000 rub off for pedicure
with bill for hair treatments over 5000 rub

* Special offer is valid only for the first procedure
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-20 % for all body treatments!
Guinot body treatments
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Anti-cellulite slimming treatment
Rapidly slim down exactly where you need it!
After the 45 minutes session, results are visible and may be measured in centimetre loss.
- average loss around the abdomen: 1 cm after 5 treatments
- average loss around the hips: 1 cm after 5 treatments


Termo-relaxing firming treatment
The first comfortable firming treatment that offers a sensation of well-being
- increase of skin elasticity of the thigh to 28.7% after 5 treatments
- improving the tone of skin by 21% after 5 treatments

Aromatic Minceur
A slender silhouette 8400 rub

Slim through your beauty therapist's manual techniques in conjunction with the effectiveness of plant essences
1. The exfoliation phase enables dead cells to be removed from the surface of the skin, while active treatment ingredients are penetrated.
2. Anti-cellulite massage is suitable for every area of the body, it employs the beneficial effects of detoxifying anti-cellulite oil to tackle excess fatty deposits and to dissolve cellulite wherever it is located
3. The anti-water retention Saunamask completes the treatment by drawing out the excess water which swells cellulite. This sauna effect has a reshaping and water-withdrawing action which helps to slim the figure.
The beauty therapist will offer to measure your thigh and waist allowing you to visibly see the extraordinary slimming results achieved after the first session.


Aromatic Corps Douceur
Natural treatment for soft skin and a relaxed body from 3440 rub

A 100% manual and 100% natural treatment for soft skin and a relaxed body
Aromatic Corps Douceur is to regain soft skin and a body which is velvety to the touch.
In a little less than an hour, in the expert hands of your beauty therapist, in the midst of essential oil scents, you will regain a feeling of well-being and serenity.

Aromatic Corps Soleil
Golden Skin All Year Round! 5840 rub

Aromatic Corps Soleil is to regain a feeling of well-being and marvellously soft and golden skin.
You are relaxed and your skin is surprisingly silky. Your tan is stunning and natural.
The application of this treatment enhances your skin with a personalised intensity of colour. It leaves your skin golden and hydrated.

(1) Special offer is valid only for the first treatment
(2) Prices are inclusive of discounts
(3) Tests conducted on 12 women volunteers after 6 TechniSPA® Advanced System Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatments..
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Beaute Neuve Guinot
15% off

Get 15% discount if you pay in advance a course of 4 Beaute Neuve treatments


Turn over a new leaf in less than an hour... Beauté Neuve is a treatment which removes dead cells responsible for dull complexions and reduces the appearance of pigmentation marks.


29.03% less melanin after four treatment sessions.
The results are visible. The complexion is lighter and pigmentation marks have faded.

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Hair cut and / or styling as a gift to the procedures
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Hair cut and / or styling as a gift to the procedures : *
• BrazilianBlowout hair restoration and complete
• BrazilianBlowout ZERO + hair restoration and preservation of the curl
• BrazilianBlowout deep hydration

BrazilianBlowout are:
• the ability to select the desired degree smoothed: absolutely smooth hair or maintaining curls;
• Improving the health and structure of hair;
• magnificent effect of smooth, light and shiny hair after the first procedure;
• long-term preservation effect with the possibility of extending it through the use of professional care at home;
• taming unruly curls, getting rid of the fluffy and the adverse effects of moisture on them;
• the possibility of coloring the hair without losing the outcome of the procedure;
• easy care and glamorous styling at home

* Special offer is valid only for the first treatment
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VOG loyalty cards
discount for all services and products
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To get VOG loyalty card:

- 5% discount if you spend 50 000 rub during a six months
- 10% discount if you spend 100 000 rub during a six months
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